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Five Things You Need to Know About Tree Removal

Dec 15

Five Things You Need to Know About Tree Removal

Tree removal can pose a danger and requires the use of specialized equipment.

A professional arborist can do a detailed inspection of the problem/damaged tree to determine whether removal is required. For the best decisions for both you as the tree and you, make sure you consult these tips before hiring a contractor.

It should not be your last resort

Removing a tree should only be done in extreme cases. The trees that are well-maintained add value and beauty to your home, as they help the local ecology.

Most people who work with trees are not arborists or specialists. So a contractor with an ax and a chainsaw might recommend tree removal for any problem, even if other tree-saving options are available.

Tree specialists are often able to diagnose and treat many conditions that would otherwise require the tree to be felled.

Tree Service Experts

Comparing apples to apples is a good way to find a contractor. There are several methods of removing a tree. Costs can vary. Expert arborists are skilled in removing trees safely and without damaging your landscaping, home, or neighboring trees.

Depending on what type of tree you have, the process of removing it can be complicated and costly. Although the cost of having the tree removed by a company at the base will be lower and the tree falls freely, your property may suffer more damage.

It is possible to have a high demand after heavy storms for qualified tree experts to remove or cut down trees. You should be wary of anyone offering tree work from their home. Certified arborists are not allowed to do this.

Protect your assets and yourself by hiring a professional tree surgeon who abides by industry safety standards.

Regulations regarding Tree Removing

There is red tape and green trees. Although trees are part of one’s property, the homeowner cannot always decide to remove them. Tree removal may be regulated in cities or counties. Many require permits and inspections.

Additionally, homeowners' associations may insist that all removals are approved. Reputable tree service providers will help homeowners to obtain permits and coordinate a removal schedule.

Stump and Lumber Removing

Professional tree service companies will remove the stump. This will keep your yard clean and free from unsightly eyesores. Double-check your estimate to confirm that stump removal has been included in the price.

Many companies will offer homeowners many options for lumber. The tree can be cut to a suitable size for firewood and left for the homeowner. Or the wood can also be fed through a chipper that is available on-site.

Ask your professional questions about the cost of each option.

Trees on a Neighbor's Property

If a tree or limb falls on the property, it can cause significant damage. Experts recommend that you request by certified letter that a neighbor's tree be taken down if it is a safety hazard.

The letter may assist you in filing insurance claims if the tree ends up causing damage to your property.

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