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Top 10 Questions to ask when hiring a tree care service

Dec 18

Top 10 Questions to ask when hiring a tree care service

By Washington Tree Solution

Some tree-care jobs require specialist expertise or are too risky. My rule is to hire a professional tree service if you cannot operate on solid ground. A multitude of dangerous elements like electrical wires and wildlife, surrounding fences or buildings, or residents, make working at height difficult. You need to be safe and trained properly. The risks associated with hiring a tree service are different.


Ask these key questions of your tree expert to help you make the most of your money. Also, ensure you agree with their answers.


  • Can they provide a copy or a recent certificate of insurance as well as a copy of their employment contract? This is the most important question you should be asking. So that you don’t get held responsible in the event of any injury, accident, or damage, it is essential to ensure they have full insurance.


  • What qualifications are they holding? Hire an arborist who's been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Will they be required to work in close proximity to electric conductors If so, they will need the approval of Line-Clearance Agronomists?


  • It would be possible for them to submit a list of references. A list of clients who have been satisfied is something that any reputable company will gladly provide. You don't need to know the past, so make sure you ask about consumers who have worked for them in the last month.


  • Are they willing to provide you with a detailed price quote? Compare pricing and scope to understand the task. Get written quotes from three comparable companies.


  • What equipment will they use? How would they approach the job? You don't want to see your flowerbeds and grass suffer from heavy power equipment being driven over them. Be sure to warn them about sprinkler heads or other potentially harmful objects that may be affecting your grass. Is it acceptable for them to cause damage? And what is their policy regarding this? It is a good idea for you to take photos of the area before starting work. This will help you keep track in case anything goes wrong. Be clear about what they will do after the job.


  • What will the estimated time take to complete the project? It's important to receive a quote. One company may provide a quote for three days while another company may only require you to wait three hours.


  • Does the business seem well-run and managed? What's the state of their company truck? Is it in good shape? Does the truck look clean and in great condition? If they don't take care of their equipment, do you think they will take good care of your trees and property? Is there an online resource for them? It is possible to get a sense of professionalism from the way they present their vehicles. This will allow you to get a better idea of how they manage their company.


  • Are they allowed to climb trees with spikes? If they aren't going to be removing the trees, ask them not to use spikes. They can cause severe injuries.


  • Do they encourage "topping", the removal of live branches from the tree’s top? This is not a good idea for healthy, large hardwood trees.


  • Workers will need to be wearing hard helmets, or any other protective gear while working on your property. OSHA requires workers to use personal protective equipment for tree care jobs. For professional tree services to be successful, they will need to protect their workers.


Hire a professional tree care specialist to protect your property and yourself from dangerous jobs. You should also ask these critical questions to help protect yourself and your "tree investment".


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