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Mar 30

Many properties in Phoenix Arizona have trees. Some trees can be small backyard trees that produce fruit for homeowners. Some trees are remnants of the past, having grown up in close proximity to homes that have seen many families move on. It is easy to see a tree in your neighborhood and assume it is unchanged. Trees can pose a danger to property and people if they aren't properly pruned and maintained.

Most people think that pruning is just that: pruning. This is not true. Proper pruning can lead to annual pruning being necessary, as well as making the tree more susceptible to diseases and insects.

Proper Tucson Tree Men pruning can bring many benefits to both the tree as well as the landowner.

  • Proper pruning can reduce the chance of failure. Dead or diseased branches are usually weaker than those with healthy branches. These branches can become dangerous projectiles when they are subject to strong storms or high-speed winds. These branches can cause serious injury to animals or people who climb them. If a branch becomes diseased and is not checked, it could affect the entire tree.
  • Pruning can prevent or limit the spread of disease. Proper tree pruning promotes strong, healthy growth. The disease is easier to treat in healthy trees that are vigorously growing.
  • Tree appearance can be improved by good pruning. - Pruning is more than just removing branches. It also controls how they grow and regrow. Regular pruning can help 'train' trees to grow in the right way. Some trees can withstand good pruning for many years. However, some trees may need to be pruned for as long as a decade.
  • Pruning is a way to control the size of a tree. A professional tree-pruning service can trim a tree's crown without causing any lasting damage. This helps to protect the surrounding property and restores the scenic view that the tree blocks. Pruning low-hanging trees can prevent injury to people or damage to vehicles.

Pruning and Tree Trimming that isn't properly done can pose serious dangers

Topping and "lion’s tailing", which involves cutting all the interior branches, leaving only the tips of the limbs, are both common practices that can do more harm than good. Although many trees can survive being topped, they are often left vulnerable to pests and disease. If there is an imminent danger, it is best to avoid large pruning cuts. Proper Tucson tree trimming and pruning should always be done at the ends of branches, with cuts of 3" or less.

The truth is that homeowners and non-ISA qualified landscapers will not always be able to prune trees correctly, what they should do, and when. Unqualified landscapers may even offer dangerous practices in their tree services such as tree topping and lion's-tailing. Many trees are permanently damaged or even killed by these harmful pruning techniques. Tree failure can be easily caused by improper pruning. Trees can be exposed to disease if they are subjected to excessive pruning. Because of the lack of protective bark, pests are attracted to large pruning cuts, particularly wood borer insects.

Fallen Leaf Tree Management is the best way to ensure proper tree care

We are proudest of our tree pruning skills. This is why we train all staff to do the best job possible. Tree crews come in all sizes and each crew is staffed with industry-certified tree workers. Fallen Leaf can handle any job, regardless of its size.

The International Society of Arboriculture certifies our tree workers, which is the highest standard of professionalism in the industry. Each week, we spend one hour in-house. This gives you additional training in pruning and hazard recognition. Our certified tree workers will ensure that your tree is safer and more beautiful. Our certified tree workers work under the guidance of at least one of our certified arborists. This ensures that your trees are pruned according to industry standards established by the American National Standards Institute and the International Society of Arborists.

Fallen Leaf's tree technicians and arborists have many years of experience in tree maintenance and pruning. We will properly evaluate your trees, identify the problem areas, and then take the appropriate actions to fix them. Fallen Leaf Tree Management can help you protect your trees. For tree trimming done correctly, call us at 520-215-7550



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