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Five Tips for Caring for Your Trees in Mid-Missouri's Snow

Apr 20

You don't need to lose your yard because it is colder. Columbia tree care services are the best in Columbia, Mo. These five simple ways can take care of your winter trees.

Prepare your trees for winter in Columbia, Mo

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trees suffer a decrease in energy use, metabolism, and overall growth as the temperature drops.

Tree wrapping stops dead trees from freezing

Frosty weather can be dangerous for young trees and newly planted trees.

Mulch should always be placed around small trees in order to make your garden look more appealing

Mulch is vital for winter survival. Mulch should be placed around the tree's base leaving enough space.

Water trees need to be regularly watered

Mid-Missouri winter when trees are dry means that you need to water them more frequently. Older trees can be watered a little longer but will still need to get watered once a month.

Snow from the Branches

Clear your branches of snow from Columbia Mo during a snowstorm. Brush off any ice.

These tips will make sure your tree can withstand cold temperatures and stay strong in spring. We are available to help you with any tree service needs. Don't be a stranger.

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