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Aug 30

Tree Service Chilliwack

Trees are an incredible and environmentally-friendly way to add character and curb appeal to your property. You must maintain your trees by trimming, pruning and cutting to ensure they thrive. Chilliwack Tree Services will help you accomplish these tasks. We are the best in the area and love your trees just like you do. We can help with all your tree-related needs, at the right price!

About us

Chilliwack Tree Service is a team of arborists who have years of experience and a solid foundation. Tree services are not only difficult, but also require special equipment. We're proud that we have the best available! We combine our expertise in optimizing natural growing conditions with a variety tree services to make sure your property is flourishing.

Our Services

We are the top-rated professional tree service provider for Chilliwack (BC) and offer a variety of tree services at a reasonable price. Our tree experts understand that trees are part of your family. We are available 24/7 to assist you with any tree emergencies, regardless of the time or conditions. We can help you with stump grinding or removal. We offer a variety of additional services, including trimming, pruning and thinning. Additionally, we can alter, add or remove parts to ensure optimal beauty. You can count on us to help you with anything. We consider you a part of the family, when you join us.

Tree Removal

Even though it is hard to say goodbye to someone you love, sometimes it's necessary. We're the most reliable and affordable tree removal company in Chilliwack. Our team will complete the job in no time. Do not try to remove trees on your own. Additionally, we take out all of the organic waste and leave no mess or eyesores. Call in Chilliwack Tree Services!


Tree trimming & cutting

Tree trimming and tree cutting are two of our most requested services. We get personal satisfaction when your property is left looking more vibrant and beautiful than it was before we arrived. We can also perform preventative maintenance to ensure that your trees stay in peak health. This includes trimming any branches or weak spots that might be hindering their growth. We'll give your trees an attractive haircut and do a full checkup to ensure your tree is receiving the right amount.


Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees correctly will allow them to grow and flourish naturally without the need for additional branches. Pruning trees will enhance the beauty and health of your property. If you have fruit-bearing tree, you'll see a better quality fruit if you use strategic and well-researched pruning practices. We have the tools and experience to help you keep your trees glowing. We are tree-pruning experts!


Stump removal

Because of the complex root systems in the ground, it can be quite difficult to remove stumps. Some of those tiny guys won’t stop moving! It's just not worth it. We are the most efficient and quick stump removal service available in Chilliwack BC.


Emergency Service available 24/7

Sometimes the unexpected happens. We do our best to keep our trees healthy and happy. We are always available to help with any tree emergency. We are available to assist you in any weather condition, including high heat, snow, wind and rain.


Contact Chilliwack Tree Services Company

We are certified arborists . We have a passion and dedication to trees and keeping them in good health. We have a lot of years of experience working in Chilliwack BC. Our work is very rewarding and we would love to include you in our tree services family. We will provide the highest quality of service and respect to you, as well as listening to any concerns or questions that you may have.

Our tree services aim to keep all trees healthy. We will give you and your tree the checkup they require. And, regardless of the diagnosis, our team will keep you updated and informed.


Chilliwack Tree Services
46050 Avalon Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 3P9
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