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Can I remove a tree myself?

Oct 5

Do-it-yourself lovers are often unaware of the weight and size of the large trunk and branch sections. They also underestimate the risk of injury or damage when trying to remove them. A crane is the best option to safely remove trees from tight areas. Without permission, any tree with a diameter of fewer than 12 inches may be removed. Anything greater than 12 inches in diameter will be treated as an important tree and protected.


Before you start cutting or sawing away at the massive trunk of liability, think about how much it will cost to do it yourself. You may be surprised at how much it will cost to remove one dead tree safely and efficiently. 

Basics of DIY Tree Removal 

Let's get started with the basics.



The right tools are essential to complete the task. A small chainsaw can cause motor failure and burnout. Trust us, we've done it! The correct chainsaw will have both the horsepower and the length of your tongue. Fielding Tree crews use 14-inch Stihl chainsaws equipped with safety guards. A comparable-sized Stihl 14'’ chainsaw may be available for loan, but the new Stihl 14" chainsaw will run you around $800. (Source)



You may think I am crazy, but I suspect you don't have any certification in forest maintenance. It doesn't suffice to just cut two pieces of lumber and shout "Timber!"  To prevent your property and neighbor's Mustang from being crushed, you need to know the right technique. Proper instruction will take you at most a few hours. Although a certified forestry class can cost several hundred dollars, it is hard to imagine putting a price on being alive and helping your neighbor. If you are unaware of techniques and tools you may be unable to do it yourself, I advise you to search out Best Tree Service Company for this purpose.



What happens to your property and yourself if you drop this majestic oak? Even if you aren't seriously injured (only), You'll miss at least a few days of work if you're only mildly injured. Who knows what that could cost you if you're seriously hurt? An insurance policy that provides basic workers' compensation will provide you with the protection you need. A second insurance policy will offer liability coverage, which covers property damage. Both policies will cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Removal costs

After spending a lot of money on equipment and insurance, and learning the correct technique, you now have to pay the price for removing the pieces. The bad news is that your trash company won’t accept a 12-foot log packed in a 55-gallon trashcan. In fact, it won’t even fit. Although you can make firewood out of timber, it is difficult to safely store large quantities. It is possible to use a dead tree as firewood if you have the land. 

You should be aware of the Cost of Tree Removal in your area. 



The intangible thing is your time. How long will it take to plan, prepare and execute the oak tree? And how do you clean up afterward? It will take you three hours to reduce, cut, and remove a 40-foot oak tree. Now multiply that number by the hourly rate you earn at work. That's $40.00/hour. This is $120.00 in time.