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A Few Rules to Protect Trees

Oct 10

The first two years following the planting of a tree are crucial for its survival. To ensure your tree's health and growth, it is important to understand the best watering methods.
Learn how to stake, prune, and wrap your tree. This is the best way to take care of it. These are the basics of caring for your tree.

How to manage a young tree


It is important not to do too much, especially with young trees. Experts in tree services Bend Oregon suggest that the tree should be left alone for the first 12 months. Only when you need to remove any dead or broken branches, it is best to do so. It is important to remember that tree pruning involves dividing it into three parts. The roots are the first-third, followed by the trunks and the foliage. The chances of the plant not recovering fully are high if you remove too much of its foliage. Additionally, trees require foliage to grow food. The tree will be stressed if it has too many limbs. However, if you really want to remove the lower limbs, it will take a while.


People tend to plant trees on their property's northwest side to block the wind. However, even though the trees are planted at this angle, wind can still dry them. The sun's excessive heat can cause bark damage to trees if they are planted on the southeast side. It is crucial to plant your tree according to your landscape conditions to prevent it from becoming injured. You need to choose the best location to allow your tree to thrive. Oaks are more susceptible than poplar.


You should also consider adding at least three layers to your mulch to prevent weeds growing on the tree's base. It would only make the weeds take nutrients and moisture from your tree if you don't do it. Mulching provides additional benefits to your tree.
Protection against string trimmers which could possibly damage its barks


Staking is not always necessary in all situations. While it may give your tree more stability, you don't have to stake them unless they are weak. However, a rubber collar made from a hose can be used to protect your tree. By doing so, the tree's bark will be protected from the metal guide warfare. Please don't place wire over a crotch to prevent it from sliding.

The moment you see your tree growing from a seedling can be a wonderful experience. Try to take care of it so you can realize its full potential. Even though it might take years for it to fully grow, it is possible to feel connected to it by watching it grow.



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