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Are Tree Surgeons In Demand?

Dec 27


Do You Want to Know How Easy It Is To Start A Tree Surgery Company?

Yes, it is possible to complete the task. It is hard work, long hours, low income, and high risk to start a business. You'll be here... Anybody with the ability to work hard and persevere can run a business. It takes patience and lots of it.


I recommend that you get some experience and learn from someone else if it is possible. Everyone needs assistance in some way or another. Don't be afraid to ask.

Why would you like to open a tree-surgeon business?

If you are like me and love trees, outdoor work, and chainsaws, then you're off to a good start. Tree surgery is booming because of new machinery and equipment that have taken some of the work out of it. Don't let this fool you, though, there are still backs to be broken in this industry. Although it is dangerous and very manly, I am thankful that there are great female entrepreneurs who work alongside us men.

What is the time it takes to build a successful tree surgery company?

What length is your harness rope? This is a very difficult question to answer. It all depends on the owner's work ethic, their ability to hire reliable and competent staff, as well as how long they are willing to put in. This is only a small part of the story. You can expect to make a profit for 1-3 years, maybe 3-5 years, and 5-7 years. After 5-10 years, you will be earning a decent wage and generating a good amount of cash each year. 


Are you still there after that? You will face many challenges along the way that will test your faith in your ability to keep going. I advise you to persevere, even though you may have doubts along the way, trust me, I believe in my ability. Do not worry about your competition, they won't pay the bills.


It is easy to get bogged down in worrying about your competitors' actions. It is a waste of time and a waste of money. Be aware of your competitors, but don't be blinded by what they are doing. Each person has their own goals and paths. Individuality is what makes us unique. What works for one person may not work for us.


Keep an eye out for industry changes, new equipment, and methods. Learn from your competitors' good ideas and don't copy them. They will always be ahead of someone copying two steps behind. Respect your competition and learn from their successes. Negative thinking breeds negative actions. Focus on your business first and foremost.


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What happens next after you have achieved a certain level of success with your tree surgery business?

Balance is everything. Only you know how to balance it all. Your circumstances will dictate your best path forward. Family first, it is free, but the reward is incalculable. Money can't buy time. They are my million! I would lose everything if I kept going blindly toward my original goal.


Your life will change over a decade. Be prepared to adapt and be ready for change. As I type I realize I have adapted my original message, ironic. Success is not about the appearance of my company or the money it has in its accounts. Old habits are hard to change. Today, my greatest advice would be to focus, be focused, and be determined, but know where you are going.