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Apr 11

Emergency Tree Service | Tree Care | Tree Services

Did a tree just fall on your home? Or maybe worse – your neighbor’s home?! Call us today for emergency tree services.

When a tree is hanging over your home or has crashed into your living room, you want to have it removed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property from exposure to the elements. You also want to begin repairs so that your family has a safe and secure environment again as soon as possible. Even if you have a chainsaw, the removal will take time as you determine how to remove the tree in a safe way.


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Let The Tree Care Professionals Do The Job

Tree care professionals can perform the work faster. Sioux Falls Emergency Tree Care Services is available almost twenty-four hours and seven days a week! We offer a two-hour response time for most properties, as well! Another reason to use a professional is that certified Arborists and tree professionals can evaluate surrounding trees and potential hazards such as trees that remain standing but are dangerously damaged. 

In addition, professional services can help with debris removal, which can sometimes require special equipment, like hauling trucks or chippers. Also, always be sure that the company you choose for emergency tree removal is fully insured. The work is dangerous and even professionals can become injured while performing the clean-up. In the event of an unfortunate accident, someone who is certified will be covered. Otherwise, you could end up being financially liable for medical expenses. Call Sioux Falls Tree Services when you need emergency tree removal services. With many years in business and hundreds of years of combined experience, we offer knowledgeable and skilled tree care and tree and stump removal services.

Emergency tree service needed in Sioux Falls


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Emergency Tree Services at Sioux Falls Trees

When it comes time for us to go into action, our crew will arrive promptly and work quickly—we’ll make sure your yard is cleaned up before they leave so that there’s no trace of them having been there except for the beautiful trees we leave behind!

Tree Removal

Tree removal services are provided for a variety of reasons, including the safety of your property and those who live around it. If a tree is dead or dying, we’ll take it out before it causes damage to your home or yard. We can also remove trees that pose a risk to power lines and utility equipment. Our tree service Sioux SD team has extensive experience with removing trees of any size, health, or age.

Tree Trimming

Trees are often trimmed so they stay healthy and beautiful throughout their lives. Arborists perform tree trimming services on a regular basis, such as every two years. They do this to maintain the appearance and health of the tree and prevent problems like broken branches or disease.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

Emerald ash borer is an invasive species that attacks ash trees and has killed millions of them across North America since its discovery in 2002. After the infestation happens, it’s too late—you’ll need preventative treatment from us instead!

What Would Require Emergency Tree Services?

You need an emergency tree care service when your tree fell during a storm, or when you have an urgent need to remove a dangerous branch.

If you are experiencing one of the following problems with your trees, we can help:

1. A tree has fallen in your yard and is blocking access to your property and/or damaging other structures.
2. You have branches hanging on your house or garage that could fall at any time and damage the structure.
3. A storm has knocked down part of your tree or uprooted it completely and left it lying on your property with roots exposed.
4. You want to remove an unsafe branch from a healthy tree that hangs over your property or your neighbor’s home.


How about calling tree service BEFORE damage happens to your home or your neighbor’s home? If you expect bad weather in your areas such as a storm, high winds, or even worse a hurricane or tornado, please call us before that storm hits. We will come out and take a look at the tree in question and decide the best course of action. Some people actually remove their trees or significantly trim them before an emergency happens. 

When you need emergency tree services, we’re here for you.

Our team of experts can help with everything from tree removal to emerald ash borer treatments, so you can rest assured that your trees are in good hands. We understand how important it is to have a healthy, thriving tree at the center of your home or business, so we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Our expert arborists will assess your situation and develop a plan that meets your needs and works within your budget. We’ll even provide you with an estimate before we start working so you know exactly what to expect.


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